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[RIDI Corporation] Linguist (Latin Spanish, French, German, Japanese)
[] [RIDI Corporation] Linguist (Latin Spanish, French, German, Japanese)
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[RIDI Corporation] Linguist (Latin Spanish, French, German, Japanese)


RIDI Corporation


Team Description The Localization Team is responsible for localizing content so that all our readers across

the globe can enjoy our web comics. Our work is not just about translation;

it is about delivering the same experience, nuance, and fun that local readers are able

to enjoy in their native language. Our project managers, designers, and language specialists

work closely with one another to achieve this goal.

회사 홈페이지

회사 홈페이지 :

업무 내용

Job Description As a Linguist, you will work with other in-house language specialists,

project managers, designers, and vendors to finalize and polish our content

for publishing and train new collaborators to produce their best work.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with the right mix of technical,

organizational, and communication skills to provide localization for the

best Manta experience in the following languages: Latin Spanish,

French, German, and Japanese. Only those who are currently based in Korea and able to work

in our Seoul office will be considered.

업무 기간


연봉, KRW


- Degree in Applied Linguistics, Translation and/or equivalent experience
- Ability to identify and resolve inaccuracies and inconsistencies as well as 
readability and tonality issues of localized translations
- Native fluency in Latin Spanish, French, German or Japanese
- Solid grasp of grammar and punctuation rules in one of the languages mentioned above
- Good communication skills to train and give feedback to 
   company peers, vendors, and freelancers

Preferred Qualifications
- More than 1 year of experience in localizing translated content
- Experience with web comic localization
- Basic Photoshop skills


서울 강남구 역삼동 702-28 어반벤치 빌딩


~ 9/30


  • please submit your Resume via email to ( ※ Please include the following information in your resume. 1. Required: - Personal information: name, date of birth, email, mobile phone number - Academic background: school name, major, graduation status - (If applicable) Military service details - (If applicable) Career details: start and end dates of each job,

  • type of employment, reason for leaving each job - Foreign language skills and global experience 2. Optional: - Explanation of career and academic gaps ※We strongly recommend submitting all documents in PDF. ※Contract types and treatment can vary according to each applicant& #39;s competence and experience in the application process


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  • * 관련 구인 공고는 지원 전 외국인 종합안내센터(국번없이 1345번) 및 상단의
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