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one day instructor
[] one day instructor
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Now hiring : one day instructor

<1> Who : Foreigners from (England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and European countries (you must speak in English)

<2> When : From September to December (on Wednesday)

I will show you the date after you are hired.

<3> Where : Angok MiddleSchool (public school)

located in Ilsan 40 minutes away from 홍대입구(Hongdaeipgustation)

<4> What to do :

You will introduce your country (education system, culture any interesting thing about your country etc.) Some times I will give you the specific topic

<5> Pay : (one day : 150,000 won, 2days :300,000 won)

1. pre-visit (for paperwork)

2. teaching materials in advance (PPT file)

3. Pre-meeting

4. each day : 2 hour class at Angok Korean middle school.

<6> Application procedure

1. If you are interested, contact me throughe-mail.


2. Please attach your resume. (Please write your English level because this is a part of English class)

It will be a great experience! Thank you.

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