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[Translation] English Copy Editor (Daejeon)
[Translation] [Translation] English Copy Editor (Daejeon)
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1. Position: English copy editor

2. Employment Type: Full-time, one-year contract

3. Salary: To be negotiated according to experience
(experience in teaching English in Korea will not be counted)

4. Responsibilities
• Proofreading English materials for grammar, spelling, style and overall quality
• Keeping the minutes of meetings conducted in English
• Data collection and summarization of information regarding overseas research
• Analyzing English articles in major scientific journals
• Work full time at IBS HQ in Daejeon (from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

Applicants must
• be a native English speaker and educated in an English-speaking country for more
than 10 years
• have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher from an English-speaking country
preferably in English, English literature, linguistics majors
• provide a list of at least three references and their contact information (preferably
former employers)
• have at least one-year experience working as an editor at a research institute or
an organization of similar nature
• meet the criteria of eligibility for obtaining a working visa set forth by the Korean
Immigration Authority
• be mentally and physically capable of performing the specified responsibilities and
• have the ability to perform careful, detail-oriented work under deadline pressure
• have the ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks with strong attention to detail

1. How to Apply
Please e-mail all the required documents to Please use the
title: “Applying for the position of English Copy Editor (your name)”.
The application deadline is Monday, February 23, 2015.

2. Required Documents
① IBS application form
② Resume (including a cover letter)
③ Certificates of employment (from former employers)
④ Photocopies of degree(s) / certificate(s)
⑤ Photocopies of official academic transcripts (undergraduate level and above)
⑥ Photocopy of passport (photo page)
⑦ Photocopy of an alien registration card (if you already reside in Korea)
⑧ A letter of recommendation (one from your former employer if possible)

3. Evaluation Procedures
① Application Deadline: Thursday, February 26, 2015, 6:00 PM
② Document Screening: February 27
③ Editing Test: to be sent via e-mail on Saturday, February 28 (Deadline: 10:00 PM
on the same date)
(only those who pass the document screening will be contacted for an interview and
an editing test)
④ Interview: Wednesday, March 4, 2015 (subject to change)

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