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INVITATION-Season’s Greetings Dinner with WHIC
INVITATION-Season’s Greetings Dinner with WHIC
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 Invitation-Season’s Greetings Dinner with WHIC


It is hard to believe that it is already December. 

With the season’s greetings, WHIC is finally going to hold this year’s last meet-up event on 17th December. 


We will gather at a café near Hongdae area and have some dinner or drink together. Dinner or drinks are provided by WHIC.


If you're staying in Korea with your Working Holiday Visa, you are welcomed to the event.

Registration fee is free of charge.


All participants are requested to gather at Hapjeong합정Station(Subway line 2 and 6)and relocate to the dining area by 6:00pm. Then we will move a café or a restaurant.


Anyone who is interested, please send us registration email by 6pm, 16th December.

In your email, please notify your nationality and name and specify "Registration" in the title.


When: 17th December(Wed) 06:00 pm

Where: Hapjeong(합정)Station(Line 2 and 6)

How to register: email (

Thank you.






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