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Registration for the Weekend Korean classes
Registration for the Weekend Korean classes
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The Seoul Global Center (SGC) will open its 2nd term
of the Customized Weekend Korean Classes as follows:

How to Apply: Must visit the Seoul Global Center, 4th Floor, in person

Registration Date: 24, AUG, 2013 (Sat) 10am - noon
                                  25, AUG, 2013 (Sun) 10am - noon
                                  ★ Must arrive before 11:30 for placement test.
                                  ★ First come, first served. There might not be seats available if you come late.  

Required Documents: Alien registration card (or Passport), one photo (3x4cm), deposit of 30,000won (refundable to those who attend more than 80% of the class).

Course Duration: 31, August, 2013 ~ 15, December 2013 (15 weeks)
                                 ※ Note: Class schedule is subjected to change due to SGC events.

Course Fees: A refundable deposit of 30,000 won (If you attend 80% or more of attendance rate and return all checked-out items from the library, the deposit will be returned to you on the last day of class.)

Class Materials: Students purchase their own text books.

Class Schedule (Class size: between 10 to 15 persons in each class)




Level Info.

Lower Basic



Start with Korean alphabet

Lower Beginner


You understand the grammar of ‘Noun-입니다,-아닙니다. Also, already understand about the dates, times, and numbers.

Lower Intermediate


You can make the negative sentences and questions.

Upper Basic



You should be able to read& write all the alphabet. Also, you can introduce yourself and make greetings.

Upper Beginner


You should be able to talk about your daily life by using the verb tense. (Past, present, future)

Upper Intermediate


Focus on intensive conversation and correcting pronunciation.

Note: Classes may be cancelled if there are fewer than five students after the first classes begin.

For other inquires

ㅇ Person in Charge: Kim Ja Hyun(김자현) at the Seoul Global Center
ㅇ Phone: Weekday (02) 2075~4148, Weekend (02) 2075-4162
ㅇ Email:
ㅇ Homepage :
Seoul Global Center

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