Working Holiday in Korea

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2013 Working Holiday Contents Contest
2013 Working Holiday Contents Contest
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2013 Working Holiday Contents Contest

The purpose of this contest is to collect precious stories of those who experienced working holiday in Korea so that we can help the youth from all over the world who are preparing for their working holiday in Korea with useful information. The contest is open to you now! We are waiting for your participation.
D. The Contest is open to:
    o Those who experienced Working Holiday in Korea with Working Holiday Visa
D. How to Participate: All submissions must be emailed to
    * You have to put 'working holiday' and specify the type of your contents(e.g. essay or photo or
       video), name, and the form of your file in the title of your email.
     - example : working holiday(photo)-John Smith.jpg
D. You have to send us:
    o Application Form (You can download from
    o Your own contents to be screened
    * Evidential documents of Working Holiday Visa and Immigration Stamp can be further required
       for the winners
D. The Theme of the Contest
    o Your various experiences such as progress of preparation for the Working Holiday, culture
       exchange, learning Korean, travel, volunteer work, accidents, and part-time job in Korea
D. Categories of the Contents




 o Essay should be no longer than 5~7 pages (A4 size)
 o Word processor is recommended (doc, docx type file )
  - A4, 12 point, paragraph should be spaced by 1.5, Document margins 3cm
     (Vertical and horizontal)
 o If you have any photos included in the essay, you should submit them in
    separate files
 o Essay must be written in Korean, English or Japaneses


 o The numbers of photos to be submitted can be no more than 5 per 1 person
 o Photos must be taken with digital cameras(Not film camera or cell-phone
 o File Quantity : Minimum 2Mb, Maximum 10Mb
 o Original file : Horizontal length 2,000pixel at minimum
                        The form of file must be JPG or JPEG


 o No restriction on the form of filming(It is also possible to use photos to make
    a video)
 o Video should be 3 min to 5 min(no longer than 5 min)
 o File Form: avi, mpeg, wmv, mp4
 o Resolution 720x480 at minimum

* You cannot apply for more than one time for each category.
   But you can apply for more than one category(3categories at maximum)
D. Prizes








All winners will receive gifts
(each gift costs up to 10,0000 KRW)






□ You can apply from October 1st, 2013 (Tue.) until October 31st, 2013 (Thur.) 
   (Korean Standard Time)
□ Winners will be noticed on November 18th, 2013 (Mon.)

□ If you have any questions regarding the contest:
    o Contact MOFA Working Holiday Info Center
       (☎ +82-70 7703 1793) or email us (

□ The Host Org
anization: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

□ Matters that require Attention

  o You cannot apply for more than one time for each category. However, you can apply for more
     than one category(3 categories at maximum)
  o All essays will be screened for plagiarism. Any submissions that are found to plagiarize other
     works and copy online contents, or awarded at the other contests will be excluded from the
     contest without notice, even after awarding prizes.
  o All submissions are not returned and the copyright of all the submissions will belong to MOFA
     Working Holiday Info Center.
  o Participants take responsibility for all the trouble and legal problems(such as portrait rights and
     intellectual property right) regarding the submitted works.
  o Please be aware all the details and matters that require attention before participation.
  o Schedule of the contest is open to change due to the schedule of the host organization.
  o If the quality of the submissions does not match our standard of prizes, less winners can be
     awarded than expected.

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