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[Metrocity] Fashion Brand Company is looking for interns
[] [Metrocity] Fashion Brand Company is looking for interns
Writer 인포센터 Date 2015-04-13 17:01 Hit 13057
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[Metrocity] Fashion Brand Company is looking for interns
Metrocity was originally launched in Florence, Italy in 1992. Now we have 109 stores and just started global expansion. Our international project is going on in Japan, Italy, China, France and U.S.A now.
Social Media Contents developers - Paid Job in Chinese, Eng, Italian, French Whoever is good at these languages, Please send us your CV to Once your CV is passed by us, we will contact you individually for an interview. We are considering of hiring you as our main staff after internship course, depending on your skills While you are working with Metrocity, You will be able to experience as an staff like the big events like Seoul Fashion Week 2016 S/S, Ultra Music Festival that Metrocity is officially involved
at least 6 months
Un revealed here
Prefer Whoever has a fashion industry and Social Media Contents background
Apgujeong Gangnam gu
April 7th to 17th
  • 목록보기 +82-1899-1955 Working Hour:Mon. ~ Fri. 10:00~18:00 (Korea Standard Time)