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The 10th Foreigners' Flea Market (24 Aug., 2013)
The 10th Foreigners' Flea Market (24 Aug., 2013)
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2013 Seoul Global Center's 10th Foreigners' Flea Market
(Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market)

The Seoul Global Center presents the Foreigners’ Flea Market to help expand exchange between foreign residents and Seoul citizens and encourage the recycling of used goods. We invite you to come and join us in this spirit of sharing and it’s a special summer event at Ttukseom. Vendors must be foreigners. For Korean citizens who wish to participate as vendors, please apply on the website of the Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market ( The vendor registration should be completed in advance and there is no fee to participate. Any customers are welcome to visit without registration.
※ To ensure the event runs smoothly and safely, strict rules will be applied. Any new products, handicraft items, liquor, and all kinds of foods are strongly prohibited from sale. For the safety of all patrons our staff will check for prohibited items at the venue.

1. Date/Time/Place
▷ Date & Time: August 24th, 2013 from 12:00 to 16:00
▷ Place:
Ttukseom Beautiful Flea Market
(Ttukseom Resort Station / subway line 7)

2. How to Get There
▷ Subway: Get off at Ttukseom Resort Station, line 7, exit No. 2 or 3
※The area gets easily congested and parking is limited. Please use the public transportation. There is a charge for parking and free parking or discounts are not available.

3. How to Register as a Vendor
▷Download the application form
▷Submit an application form via fax or email
▷Contact information
-      Phone : 02-2075-4140
-      Email:
-      Fax: 02-723-3206

4. Rules and Guidelines for Vendors
The Beautiful Flea Market is a flea market that encourages people to buy and use more second-hand goods and to increase the value of recycling. Some of the proceeds will go to charity for our neighbors in need. Please follow our general rules for vendors to make your experience more enjoyable.

▷The number of items for sale is limited to 40 or less in total. (no larger than a carry-on bag size)
▷For more people to participate, only one booth will be given to each team.
▷Please donate at least 10% of your proceeds.
▷It is not allowed to bring hangers when selling clothes.

The items that are not allowed to sell

New products, Commodities in stock, All kinds of foods, animals, medicines, accessories, paintings, recycled products(ex., soaps, beeds accessories),

dangerous items(knife, lighter, gas, oil)

adult products(cigarette, pornographic videos, viagra),

illegal reproduction(CDs, DVDs)

illegal copied products

Participants will be asked to leave the facilities immediately upon violating any of the rules.

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