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[invitation] First event of 2019
[invitation] First event of 2019
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We invite Korea Working Holiday participants to variety events every quarter to provide various cultural experiences while your stay in Korea.

This time, we will watch the 'Jump' performance and have dinner together to build social connections among us and to share our life stories in Korea.

[Invitation for Korea Working Holiday Participants]

'JUMP' Performance:

reference of what "JUMP" is:

'JUMP' promotion video:

-April 28th Sunday 5:30pm

-Dinner will be provided after the show



send us a copy of your alien registration card or visa (please erase 외국인등록번호)with your phone number

(first-come-first-served basis, max: 6 people)

*you must be a Working Holiday(H1) visa holder*

  • 목록보기 +82-1899-1955 Working Hour:Mon. ~ Fri. 10:00~18:00 (Korea Standard Time)