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[Rakuten Viki] Editorial, Intern (Soompi)
[] [Rakuten Viki] Editorial, Intern (Soompi)
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[Rakuten Viki] Editorial, Intern (Soompi)


Rakuten Viki


The Rakuten brand is recognized worldwide for its leadership and innovation,

and provides a variety of consumer and business-focused services -abbrebiated-

About Soompi :

Soompi, a subsidiary of Rakuten Viki, is one of the biggest global K-pop news sites and the longest running fandom community. From innovative engagement features to original content and social shopping, Rakuten Viki and Soompi are pushing the boundaries of user engagement and social viewing. -abbrebiated-

Based in Seoul, South Korea, the Soompi team is seeking a focused and ambitious intern, Editorial to join our growing editorial team. The Intern, Editorial will work closely with writers and senior editors from around the world to produce engaging, insightful, and fun digital content. You must be passionate about producing content that can reach a mass audience and connect people with each other and with Korean entertainment and culture. Our editors are fully involved in all stages of the editorial process.

* Regarding detailed job description, visa and nationality requirement,

period of job and benefits, be sure to check the original job posting

before application in the link below.

회사 홈페이지

회사 홈페이지:

업무 내용

Key Responsibilities

Write posts for publication on the site each day.

Track and research trends and stories related to

Korean entertainment and culture.

Provide feedback and editorial support to other writers on the team.

Brainstorm with Soompi editors and the Viki team to continuously

improve content and build the community.

업무 기간

- Intern


Check the original job posting link above for further details :



Fluent in Korean to be able to read and translate written material

Strong command of English grammar

Strong writing skills with an energetic, positive tone

Have good knowledge of the Korean entertainment industry

Must be organized, proactive and dedicated

Able to work legally in Korea

• Check the nationality requirement before applying (Link below) :


Check the details in the link. 



Send a resume, cover letter (please note what type of visa you have if you are not a Korean citizen) and a translation of this article here :

to with [Editorial Intern Application] in the subject field. You can submit them in Word or PDF format. We will take applications as they arrive.


담당자명 Soompi HR


연락처 :

* 관련 구인 공고는 지원 전 외국인 종합안내센터(국번없이 1345) 및상단의

회사 담당자 연락처로 문의하여,본인 비자로 해당업무 근로 가능한지 여부를

사전에 확인 권장.

* 한국에 거주하며 워킹홀리데이 비자에서 다른 비자로의 변경은 불가할 수 있습니다.


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