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외교부 워킹홀리데이 인포센터|Communique public


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외교부 워킹홀리데이 인포센터|Communique public
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128 (Notice) Announcement on Change in Application for Extension of Stay for Departure [Updated_HiKorea] 인포센터 Announcement (English).pdf Download 201208 Notice on Submission of Residence Document_EN (1).pdf Download 2020-09-01 6440
127 (Notice) Re-entry Permit System and Submission of Medical Certificate upon Re-entry [Revised_Korea Immigration Service] 인포센터 Notice on Re-Entry permit system and Submission of diagnosis for re-entry into the ROK_Eng.pdf Download Online Re-Entry Permit Application_ed.pdf Download 2020-07-17 5142
126 (Notice) Announcement for Working Holiday Visa Application under COVID-19 인포센터 2020-06-10 7570
125 Korea's Response to COVID-19 : How It Tracks Down the Coronavirus 인포센터 2020-06-05 5049
124 (Notice) Suspension of Re-Entry Permit Exemption and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-Entry of Long-term Stayers 인포센터 Notice on Re-entry Permit System and Submission of Diagnosis for Re-entry into the ROK(영문, 5. 31)_ed.pdf Download 2020-05-25 5610
123 (Notice) Notice to Foreigners who have visited clubs in ITAEWON area for Cooperation in Quarantine efforts 인포센터 2020-05-12 5309
122 (Notice) Guide to Purchasing Publicly-Supplied Masks for Foreign Residents (Registered aliens and those who reported place of residence) 인포센터 Guide to Purchasing Publicly-Supplied Masks for Foreign Residents.pdf Download 2020-04-27 4785
121 (Notice) Announcement on Visa Policy : from Korean Immigration Service [Extension of Stay, Suspension of Visa Validity] 인포센터 2020-04-10 5612
120 (Notice) Foreigners disobeying health authority orders to face visa revocation, deportation and other strict consequences_(Quarantine measures) 인포센터 200319 MOJ Press Release_Public Health Orders_EN.pdf Download 20200331 MOJ notice HiKorea_4.1. Quarantine(Eng)_EN (1).pdf Download 2020-03-26 5700
119 Amid Coronavirus outbreak, We live in South Korea 인포센터 2020-03-24 5223

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