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외교부 워킹홀리데이 인포센터|Notice


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외교부 워킹홀리데이 인포센터|Notice
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Notice (Notice) Provision of inquiry responses only through emails. 인포센터 2024-01-03 2826
149 (Notice) COVID-19_Avoid Movement and Gatherings over Lunar New Year Seollal 인포센터 2022-01-21 3382
148 (Notice) Notification on Application for Re-entry Permit [Ministry of Justice] 인포센터 (Notice) Application for Re-entry Permit 1.pdf Download 재입국허가(예방접종자 특례) 2.pdf Download 재입국허가(일반) 3.pdf Download 2021-12-27 3558
147 (Notice) In the U.K., Opening of Visa Application Center [KVAC] 인포센터 2021-12-22 3492
146 (Notice) Seoul M. Gov_Reinforced COVID-19 Protocols *Updated (Starting Dec. 18) 인포센터 2021-12-13 3463
145 (Notice) Seoul M. Gov_Steady Return To Pre-Pandemic Life (Starting Nov. 1) 인포센터 2021-11-02 3912
144 (Notice) Announcement on Temporary National Holiday 인포센터 2021-09-29 4265
143 (Notice) Notice on COVID-19 related information : Vaccination for Foreign Residents Aged 18 to 49. 인포센터 2021-08-03 4988
142 (Notice) Announcement on Visa Policy : from Korean Immigration Service [Extension of Stay for Registered Foreign Nationals] 인포센터 2021-07-19 5054
141 (Notice) Updated Useful Website Information for Living in Korea [Hikorea, Seoul Global Center information on COVID-19] 인포센터 2021-07-02 5173
140 (Notice) Announcement on Temporary Seasonal Work Program for Foreign Nationals Staying in ROK [Ministry of Justice] 인포센터 MOJ Leaflet Temporary Seasonal Work Program for Foreign Nationals Staying in ROK.pdf Download 2021-05-12 5775 +82-1899-1955 Working Hour:Mon. ~ Fri. 10:00~18:00 (Korea Standard Time)