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외교부 워킹홀리데이 인포센터|Notice


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외교부 워킹홀리데이 인포센터|Notice
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Notice (Notice) Provision of inquiry responses only through emails. 인포센터 2024-01-03 2312
148 (Notice) Notification on Application for Re-entry Permit [Ministry of Justice] 인포센터 (Notice) Application for Re-entry Permit 1.pdf Download 재입국허가(예방접종자 특례) 2.pdf Download 재입국허가(일반) 3.pdf Download 2021-12-27 3438
147 (Notice) In the U.K., Opening of Visa Application Center [KVAC] 인포센터 2021-12-22 3377
146 (Notice) Seoul M. Gov_Reinforced COVID-19 Protocols *Updated (Starting Dec. 18) 인포센터 2021-12-13 3355
145 (Notice) Seoul M. Gov_Steady Return To Pre-Pandemic Life (Starting Nov. 1) 인포센터 2021-11-02 3797
144 (Notice) Announcement on Temporary National Holiday 인포센터 2021-09-29 4151
143 (Notice) Notice on COVID-19 related information : Vaccination for Foreign Residents Aged 18 to 49. 인포센터 2021-08-03 4874
142 (Notice) Announcement on Visa Policy : from Korean Immigration Service [Extension of Stay for Registered Foreign Nationals] 인포센터 2021-07-19 4922
141 (Notice) Updated Useful Website Information for Living in Korea [Hikorea, Seoul Global Center information on COVID-19] 인포센터 2021-07-02 5048
140 (Notice) Announcement on Temporary Seasonal Work Program for Foreign Nationals Staying in ROK [Ministry of Justice] 인포센터 MOJ Leaflet Temporary Seasonal Work Program for Foreign Nationals Staying in ROK.pdf Download 2021-05-12 5638
139 (Notice) Period of Stay will be granted only within passport validity period. [Korea Immigration Service] 인포센터 (Eng,Kor) Ministry of Justice notice 20210331.pdf Download The improved standard on authorization of the period of stay for foreigners.pdf Download Announcement on Grant of Period of Stay within Passport Validity Period.pdf Download 2021-04-01 5257 +82-1899-1955 Working Hour:Mon. ~ Fri. 10:00~18:00 (Korea Standard Time)